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Bosnia and Herzegovina - download georeferenced map set

Bosnia and Herzegovina - download georeferenced map set Total in map set61 maps of0,3Gb
Updated inJuly 2014 (added 50 maps)
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View topographic map l34 in the area of Budapest, Belgrade, Craiova, Timisoara, Cluj-napoca View topographic map l33 in the area of Slovenia, Zagreb, Graz, Ljubljana, Mestre

Soviet military 1:1 000 000 (2 maps)

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View topographic map k33-024-3 View topographic map k33-024-1 View topographic map k33-024-4 in the area of Mostar View topographic map k33-024-2 in the area of Jablanica, Konjic

Soviet military 1:50 000 (4 maps)

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View topographic map k34-016 in the area of Prijepolje View topographic map l33-131 in the area of Jajce View topographic map k34-027 View topographic map k33-012 View topographic map l33-129 in the area of Bosanski Petrovac, Drvar View topographic map l33-118 in the area of Prijedor, Sanski Most View topographic map l34-110 in the area of Brcko View topographic map k33-023 View topographic map k33-024 in the area of Mostar, Jablanica, Konjic View topographic map k33-011 View topographic map k33-048 in the area of Brsecine, Prozura View topographic map l34-123 in the area of Loznica, Zvornik View topographic map l34-133 View topographic map k34-001 in the area of Sarajevo View topographic map l34-122 in the area of Tuzla View topographic map l33-119 in the area of Banja Luka View topographic map k34-003 View topographic map l34-109 in the area of Gradacac View topographic map l34-111 in the area of Bijeljina, Bogatic View topographic map k34-004 in the area of Uzice View topographic map l33-130 View topographic map l34-134 in the area of Vlasenica View topographic map k34-015 in the area of Pljevlja View topographic map k34-037 in the area of Bileca, Plana, Trebinje View topographic map l33-142 View topographic map k34-002 View topographic map l34-121 View topographic map l33-117 in the area of Bosanska Krupa View topographic map l33-143 in the area of Bugojno View topographic map k34-013 in the area of Tusici View topographic map k34-025 View topographic map k33-010 in the area of Sinj View topographic map l33-132 in the area of Teslic View topographic map l34-098 in the area of Vinkovci View topographic map l34-097 in the area of Slavonski Brod, *dakovo View topographic map l33-141 in the area of Knin View topographic map l33-120 View topographic map k34-050 in the area of Cetinje, Herceg-novi View topographic map k33-036 in the area of Metkovic, Stolac View topographic map k34-038 in the area of Niksic View topographic map k34-014 in the area of Foca View topographic map k34-026 in the area of Gacko, Sarici View topographic map l33-144 in the area of Zenica View topographic map k34-049 in the area of Dubrovnik, Gruda View topographic map l34-135 View topographic map l34-136 in the area of Valjevo

Soviet military 1:100 000 (46 maps)

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View topographic map k34-08 in the area of Manasti-moracki, Matesevo, Savnik View topographic map k34-13 in the area of Dubrovnik, Budva, Cetinje, Gruda View topographic map k34-07 in the area of Niksic, Bileca, Gacko, Plana View topographic map k34-01 in the area of Sarajevo, Foca, Tusici View topographic map k34-02 in the area of Uzice, Pljevlja, Prijepolje

Soviet military 1:200 000 (5 maps)

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View topographic map l34-3 in the area of Belgrade, Osijek, Novi Said, Zrenjanin, Pancevo View topographic map l33-4 in the area of Zagreb, Banja Luka, Zenica, Prijedor, Bjelovar View topographic map k34-1 in the area of Sarajevo, Podgorica, Shkoder, Tetovo, Cacak View topographic map k33-2 in the area of Split, Mostar, Sibenik, Jablanica, Drnis

Soviet military 1:500 000 (4 maps)

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The topographic map set of Bosnia and Herzegovina has maps of Dinar Highlands, Dinar Alps maps and Mount Maglik maps. One will also download Milyachka maps, Vrbas maps, Neretva maps, Sana maps, Drina maps, Piva maps, Tara maps, Bosna maps and Una maps. The set includes as well Sarajevo maps, Jajce maps, Mostar maps, Banja Luka maps, Trebinje maps and also Ilidz maps and Yahorine maps.

The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is situated on the Balkan Peninsula in south-eastern Europe in two historic regions – Bosnia, which occupies the valley of the Sava River and its tributaries, and Herzegovina, located in the south, in the basin of the Neretva River. In the north and the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina borders on Croatia, while in the east and south-east, it borders on Serbia and Montenegro. The country has access to the Adriatic Sea. The area of Bosnia and Herzegovina is 51.23 sq km.

Relief. The country is surrounded by a complex system of mountain ranges, ridges, hollows and intermountain valleys. In the extreme north lies a broad base line, which is then replaced by medium mountains, while in the south, there are already chains of big high mountains. The highest summit is Mount Maglik (2,386 m), located in the south-east of the country, on the Yugoslavian border.

Mountains. Practically the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina is covered with medium-high mountains. There are two mountain ranges here, the Dinar Highlands and the Dinar Alps. The Dinar Alps cover the central and the south-western areas.

Rivers. The rivers flowing through the country include: the Milyachka, the Vrbas, the Neretva, the Sana, the Drina, the Piva, the Tara, the Bosna and the Una.


Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and its major sights include the old St. Michael and Gabriel’s Church, the Holy Virgin Cathedral, four Catholic churches, three synagogues, but the urban landscape is dominated by picturesque Muslim buildings, most of which are considered masterpieces of Ottoman architecture, such as the mosques Tsareva-Jamia, Begova-Jamia (15th cent.), the largest in the country, and Ali Pasha-Jamia (1560-1561).

Jajce is a medieval town; an original mixture of old houses straggling along the mountain slopes, paved streets and fortified walls.

Mostar is the informal capital of South Herzegovina, the second largest city in the country, located on the rocky banks of the Neretva River.

Banja Luka is known to the world as the capital of the Serbian Republic.

Trebinje is a city in the south-east of the country, the most important sights of which include Hertsegovachka-Grachanica Church, a national Serbian shrine on the outskirts of the city, the Kravice waterfall on the Trebizhat River in Herzegovina and Zhitomislichu Monastery.


  • Balneotherapeutic health resorts in Ilidz and near Banja Luka;
  • Speleology in karst caves in the Dinar Highlands;
  • Alpine skiing in Yahorine and other ski resorts near Sarajevo.

Climate. The climate of Bosnia and Herzegovina is moderately continental. The temperature also changes quite often during the day. In summer, the temperature in the valleys almost never rises above +27°C, while the average temperature in the mountains ranges from +10°C to +20°C. Winters are mild here, with an average temperature of up to -10°C.

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