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Welcome! We offer topographic maps issued by military and state agencies of Europe, the USA, Russia in the 19-20th centuries. Many of these maps were used for conducting military operations during 1st and 2d World Wars, Cold War. Maps describe the areas shown in detail and are up-to-date for many parts of the world.

All maps have a corresponding georeferenced files and are compiled to cover specific countries, regions of the world and tourist destinations. Each map set is accompanied by area facts, graphic information about the maps available, and map fragments for a preview of each map. See more about our product and services and read articles about maps and the history of cartography.

Customer references

"Your site these days is my first stop for map resources, when embarking on a new project. I am an hydrologist, and with the increasing trend to carry out feasibility studies remotely rather than visit the country to acquire basic mapping, mapstor provides an excellent source of map materials. Keep up the good work!"

England, Paul A C Holmes

"I am very happy, its a very good service."

Germany, Ziegler Karl

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6 GLONASS satellites are to launch in 2015
The program of GLONASS satellite navigation system includes the launch of six vehicles in 2015, ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 24.11.2014

19th November, 1875 was born Hiram Bingham - American archaeologist and politician who immortalized himself by opening "lost city of the Incas," Machu Picchu
Hiram ...
Mapstor news 19.11.2014

18th November, 1832 was born Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld - Swedish (Finnish), geologist and geographer, Arctic explorer, historian and cartographer
Nils Adolf Erik is ...
Mapstor news 18.11.2014

14th November, 1963 eruption of an underwater volcano in the Atlantic led to the formation of the island Surtsey
Surtsey is an uninhabited island in Iceland, ...
This Day in History 14.11.2014

11th November, 1729 was born Louis Antoine comte de Bougainville - French navigator, leader of the 1st French world expedition.
Louis Antoine was born to a notary ...
Mapstor news 11.11.2014

Results of the meeting of the NASA Committee
A special scientific committee evaluated the performance of current NASA missions to other ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 10.11.2014

1300 historical US maps added
1300 historical US maps issued in the 60s-80s added to Updates can be found in the following sets: India Iran Iraq Kazakhstan South Macedonia Madagascar Nigeria Pakistan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Western Sahara and others.
Mapstor news 6.11.2014

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