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Customer feedback


"Thanks for the speedy (and free!) service."

NASA JPL, Bruce G.

"A good selection of historic, high quality maps at very reasonable cost."

USA, Tod Weitzel

"The site is a real goldmine for anyone who loves the nature and loves to go fishing - detailed maps is a must!"

Denmark, Lars

 "Excellent site for downloading maps of high quality. Very useful for trekking or mountaineering. Thank you!"

France, Yves. P

"is a fantastic site for lovers of cartography as me. I will recommend it to friends and acquaintances !! the prices are really good !! digital maps are beautiful !! service and customer service is outstanding !! thank you"

Italia, vittorio libanori

"For many years now I use the topographical maps from Mapstor during my research trips in formerly Soviet republics. All the maps comes with georeferences which makes it a powerful tool for using with Ozie explorer GPS applications. The pre- and after sales service is great so I can recommended Mapstor to everybody who is in search for detailed topographic maps of remote areas of our World!"

Netherlands, Arnold Pronk

"Thank you for excellent service. Your topographic maps were very helpful during our trip in Mongolia".

Belgium, Kasper von Haallen

"Your site these days is my first stop for map resources, when embarking on a new project. I am an hydrologist, and with the increasing trend to carry out feasibility studies remotely rather than visit the country to acquire basic mapping, mapstor provides an excellent source of map materials. Keep up the good work!"

England, Paul A C Holmes

"I am very happy, its a very good service."

Germany, Ziegler Karl

"I have spent a lot of time in expeditions in Polar region. Once all these maps were not available for the majority of population (to tell the truth we had them – due to needs of the service). Being an expert I can state – that this site is a great discovery for many people; it is worked up by highly qualified professionals and is very convenient for users. Excellent policy – free access and possibility of choice, without banners and obtrusive advertisement. This site can really pretend to be one of the best in its segment."

Russia, Syktyvkar, Alxs

"My respect to the founders! This project really works. Topographic maps without problems for the first time in Internet!"

Russia, Vladivostok, Anatoliy

"The site is super. I’m very glad to find such an interesting site in the Internet, where there are no banners and advertising, where everything is simple and understandable. Thank you very much for the possibility to download maps for free, even without registration. Wish there were more sites like this."


Kazakhstan, Dmitriy

"While there are other sites that give away free maps, they are not nearly as good and well-organized as the ones here.  I just wish the maps can with an overall schematic to see how the separate maps fit together".

USA, George

"It's really an excellent idea to sell maps which can be downloaded for free on internet! Maps on whose the margin has been cut away...

But these are just a details - The idea is simply PRETTY GOOD and I wish you good luck"!!

Hynek Salplachta

"At work I use the navigator Avtograf and found maps for it at your website. Thank you"!

Russia, Dmitriy

"Military cartographers have created surprisingly detailed maps. Of course some things had changed since the times of edition and this should be taken into consideration. Maps from the website are irreplaceable source of information about unfamiliar locality. For the last 5 years with the help of these maps I have compiled tens of routes in different places all around the world".

Belarus, Mikalai Panasiuk

"We needed for an excursion detailed maps of Buryatia/Siberia in a fast and uncomplicated way and finally discovered The proceeding was trouble-free, the maps in good quality and our further inquiries have been answered quickly and helpfully. Recommendable service".

Germany, Christoph Hohl

"In my work I have to deal a lot with topographic maps. Such amount of maps I could find only at The quality of maps is very high. I paid through Pay Pal with the credit card of Kazakhstan Commercial Bank without any problems. I wish you future developments. All the best to you. Thank you".

Kazakhstan, Alexander

"Planning to walk in Eastern Europe for several months I just found what I was searching for! With your maps in my laptop I have an abundance of topographical information available at the ease of a couple of keystrokes. Thank you also for your quick and professional response and solution when my payment was delayed through technical trouble"!

Germany, Walter Holl

"Thank you very much, to tell the truth I don't expect such service. I failed to pay through PayPal, because my country is not present in the list and the administration of the website let me download my order for free. Thank you very much, I appreciate your help".

Moldova, Vitalii

"I have ordered a few sets at I enjoyed everything: the quality of maps, reasonable prices, the way of how the process of purchasing is organized and the website itself – in general everything".

Riu Kavamata

"Thank you very much for this map resource of General Staff. It helps me very much in my work, because I make business trips very often around the whole Uzbekistan. With the help of maps from your resource I compose a better route. Thank you also for providing a possibility of free map downloads at".

Uzbekistan, Rasim Menaliev

"Soviet Military Series maps are “the” resources for locations other than the first world and have knocked about ever since the Wall came down. Sometimes in small numbers and low quality scans for free but normally at around “fifty times” the price.  Am stunned by the high quality, low price and ease of use I have found here at Am recommending you to all my chums.   Will be back again and again…   Glad I found you… All the best".

UK, Kip Anderson

"Thank you for new design, for new helpful functions and well-represented map coverage. I am especially about the news that map collection will be enlarged up to 40 000 maps. Look forward to new updates".

Russia, Danilov Maksim

"Mapstor and their maps are helping us to plan our way around the world. Not only are the maps excellent quality and value, but the staff have been as helpful as anyone could be. The newly added Ozi config is the business and it's great fun seeing the maps working inside OziExplorer. Thanks for the help"

UK, Ollie Bridges

"Creation of such detailed maps by russians really surprised me. I’ m very happy to come across these maps which are easy to find and download."

Russia, Alexsandr Gerasimenko

"The maps are the most complete set of maps available for many remote parts of the world. Unlike other providers of russian maps the quality is high, the prices are low and the formats are open. With resolutions ranging from 50k to 1mio you need to search no further."

Germany, Stefan Osterlitz