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Madagascar - download topographic map set

Madagascar - download topographic map set Total in map set153 maps of0,5Gb
Updated inJanuary 2015 (added 25 maps)
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Download topographic maps coverage for Google Earth: madagascar--maps.kmz
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Soviet military 1:200 000 (~1980) 108 0,4Gb Russian 11 €
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Soviet military 1:500 000 (~1980) 20 50Mb Russian 3 €
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US Joint operational 1:250 000 (~1970) 8 49Mb English 2 €
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US military 1:1 000 000 (~1957) 6 22Mb English 2 €
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US military 1:2 000 000 (~1968) 1 4Mb English 1 €
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US military 1:1 000 000 (~1978) 3 12Mb English 1 €
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US military 1:500 000 (~1983) 7 39Mb English 2 €
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View topographic map xe38-23 in the area of Ambohimiarina, Fenoarivo Centre, Fiadanana View topographic map xd39-07 in the area of Ambatoharana, Ambodibonara, Ampanakana View topographic map xf38-15 in the area of Tomboraka, Vondrove, Anontsibe View topographic map xd38-18 View topographic map xe38-08 View topographic map xf38-18 in the area of Fianarantsoa, Talata-ampano, Alakamisy-itenina, Ambohimahamasina View topographic map xf39-07 in the area of Ambahy, Ambohitsara, Betampona View topographic map xe39-31 in the area of Longozabe, Maintinandry, Manjakandriana View topographic map xf38-35 in the area of Mahabo, Ambinanitelo-ianakoto, Ankebotsy View topographic map xg38-09 in the area of Marolinta, Kirimosa, Ankaboa View topographic map xf38-05 in the area of Itremo, Lazarivo, Mangataboahangy View topographic map xf38-27 in the area of Ankoratsaka, Mahasoa, Maninday View topographic map xg38-15 in the area of Lavanono View topographic map xf38-33 in the area of Elonty, Fenoandala, Lazarivo View topographic map xd39-33 in the area of Fampotabe View topographic map xf38-16 in the area of Ambatovory, Bekisopa, Bemavo View topographic map xe38-34 in the area of Adabozato, Anjoma-ramartino, Ankotrofotsy View topographic map xe38-15 in the area of Bekinana, Manomba, Andafiha View topographic map xd38-36 in the area of Ambevongo, Ampombinivango, Antanambao View topographic map xe38-28 in the area of Ambalamanga, Ankavandra, Bejobaka View topographic map xd39-20 in the area of Ambohimitsinjo, Antindra, Doany View topographic map xe38-18 in the area of Telomita, Ambakireny, Andranomena View topographic map xd39-19 in the area of Sandrakota, Ambaliha, Ambararatabe-nord View topographic map xd39-21 in the area of Bemanevika View topographic map xd39-08 in the area of Antsakoabe, Daraina, Maromokotra View topographic map xf38-11 in the area of Ambatomainty, Ambova, Fanjakana View topographic map xe39-09 View topographic map xf38-24 in the area of Maroteza, Ambalatany, Ankarimbelo View topographic map xd39-25 in the area of Ambararata-sofia, Amborokambo, Ampombilava View topographic map xe38-35 in the area of Miandrarivo, Vinaninony, Ambohimanambola View topographic map xe39-26 in the area of Ambila-lemaitso, Vohitramposina View topographic map xg38-08 in the area of Besasavy, Itampolo View topographic map xg38-04 in the area of Bekitro, Besakoa, Ambahita View topographic map xg38-11 in the area of Imonty, Kobakara, Manambaro View topographic map xf38-08 in the area of Andranopasy, Ankoba, Tsiboka View topographic map xe38-17 in the area of Ampotaka, Andasibe, Anosivola View topographic map xd39-14 in the area of Ampanefena, Ampijoroana, Ampondra View topographic map xg38-03 in the area of Manakaralahy, Toboky, Vohitany View topographic map xf38-09 in the area of Tanambao, Analalava, Ankirijy View topographic map xf38-03 in the area of Saronanala, Analaiva, Andriamena View topographic map xd39-13 in the area of Dzamandzar, Ambendrana, Ampohana View topographic map xe39-07 in the area of Anivorano, Antanimenabaka, Betalevana View topographic map xf38-29 in the area of Maropaika, Ranotsara Nord View topographic map xe38-36 in the area of Antsampandrano, Mandroalina, Ambatofotsy View topographic map xe39-01 in the area of Sahavoay, Ambodimanga Nord, Andranovato View topographic map xe39-25 in the area of Perinet, Ranomafana, Amboditavolo View topographic map xe38-22 in the area of Ampasindava, Ankisatra, Beravina View topographic map xe39-13 in the area of Imerimandroso, Manakambahiny, Manakambahiny View topographic map xd39-01 View topographic map xd39-31 in the area of Ambalakirajy, Ambodivongo, Andohajango View topographic map xe38-29 in the area of Ambalanirana, Ambodifarihy, Analavory View topographic map xe38-24 in the area of Ambohimena, Fihaonana, Mangamila View topographic map xe38-06 in the area of Morafeno, Morafeno, Sarobaratra View topographic map xe38-10 in the area of Ambodimanga, Antsoha, Bekodoka View topographic map xe38-05 in the area of Maroala, Marolaona, Anjiajia View topographic map xf38-06 in the area of Vatomitsangana, Ambodinonoka, Ivato View topographic map xd39-26 in the area of Antetezantany, Matsoandakana View topographic map xg38-10 in the area of Ankobo, Antanile, Ambary View topographic map xg38-05 in the area of Enaniliha, Esira, Vohitany View topographic map xe38-33 in the area of Beroboka Nord, Tsangajoly, Amboloandro View topographic map xf38-20 in the area of Bekodoy, Salary, Soahazo View topographic map xe39-20 in the area of Toamasina, Tampina, Ambilamaina, Ambinaninony View topographic map xf38-34 in the area of Tatabe, Andriambekely, Bevoay View topographic map xe39-14 in the area of Vohitsara, Andondabe, Andratanomby View topographic map xe39-19 in the area of Ambodiriana, Ambohimena, Andaingo View topographic map xd38-34 in the area of Namakia View topographic map xd39-32 in the area of Ambanizana, Ambinanitelo, Ambodiababo View topographic map xe38-27 in the area of Bevoay, Masoarive, Soahanina View topographic map xf38-22 in the area of Berenty-betsileo, Besakoa, Ilemby View topographic map xe39-02 in the area of Marofototra, Marovoara, Sandrakatsy View topographic map xe38-14 View topographic map xf38-32 in the area of Ambohimahavelona, Anakao, Ankilimivony View topographic map xf38-26 in the area of Ankilimalinika, Manombo, Maromiandra View topographic map xe39-08 in the area of Lonkintsy, Manompana, Vohilava View topographic map xe38-11 in the area of Madiromirafy, Mahazoma, Maria View topographic map xe38-16 in the area of Ambolodia, Andrafialava, Makaraingo View topographic map xf38-04 in the area of Tsinjorano, Ankilibe, Bemajo View topographic map xe38-03 in the area of Ambohipaky, Anosibe, Bejofo-amparihy View topographic map xe38-20 View topographic map xf38-14 in the area of Nosimbositra, Ambahikily, Ankiliabo View topographic map xf38-30 in the area of Mahafasa, Anambotaka, Anilobe View topographic map xf38-36 in the area of Amparihy Est, Isahara, Manambondro View topographic map xd38-30 in the area of Anjajavy, Anjiamangirana, Ankerika View topographic map xe38-04 in the area of Vilanandro, Ambinda, Anaborengy View topographic map xe38-12 in the area of Ambalanjanakomby, Ambatobe, Ambatolampy View topographic map xd39-02 in the area of Antsiranana, Diego Suarez, Mangaoka, Anjiabe, Bemonevikohe View topographic map xf38-28 in the area of Analamary, Andriandampy, Lebondro-mahamanina View topographic map xg38-06 in the area of Matrio, Ambanihazo, Ampasimena View topographic map xd39-27 in the area of Ampokafo, Andranofotsy, Maromandia View topographic map xe38-09 in the area of Antsafy, Antsakoabe, Berevo-sur-ranobe View topographic map xf39-01 in the area of Soavina, Ambinanindrano, Ambodiharina View topographic map xd38-35 in the area of Mahajanga, Ambalabe, Ankomany, Katsepy View topographic map xg38-12 in the area of Mahatalaky, Sainte-luce View topographic map xf39-13 in the area of Antsenavolo, Marohita View topographic map xd38-24 in the area of Ambolobozo View topographic map xf38-21 in the area of Tandrano, Andranolava, Andranomafana View topographic map xg38-16 in the area of Ankaratravitra, Ankororoka, Antahalavalala View topographic map xe38-21 in the area of Ankiliroa, Ankilizato, Ankisatra View topographic map xf38-10 in the area of Antanamary, Antevamena, Mandronarivo View topographic map xd38-29 in the area of Tsianinkiro View topographic map xf38-17 in the area of Besoa, Fenoarivo, Mahabodo View topographic map xe38-30 in the area of Antananarivo, Mahitsy, Manalalondo, Mantasoa View topographic map xc39-32 View topographic map xg38-02 in the area of Ankazoabo, Antanandranto, Efoetsy View topographic map xd39-15 in the area of Tanambao View topographic map xf38-23 in the area of Zazafotsy, Ambinda, Antambohobe View topographic map xf38-12 in the area of Ifanadiana, Maroharatra, Vohiposa View topographic map xf39-19

Soviet military 1:200 000 (~1980): 108 maps

11 €
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View topographic map xd39-1 in the area of Antsiranana, Diego Suarez, Mangaoka, Ampanakana, Maromokotra View topographic map xg38-1 in the area of Kirimosa, Marolinta, Kilimasy View topographic map xe38-2 in the area of Antsiafabosit, Marotsipoy, Ambodimanga View topographic map xe38-1 in the area of Antsafy, Marovazha, Antsakoabe View topographic map xf38-2 in the area of Fianarantsoa, Tsianaloka, Ambodinonoko, Ivato View topographic map xf39-1 in the area of Befotaka, Betampona, Mahela View topographic map xe38-4 in the area of Antananarivo, Miantso, Ambodifarihy, Fenoarivo Centre View topographic map xd38-2 in the area of Mamutzu, Bandele, Dapani View topographic map xd38-3 View topographic map xe39-1 in the area of Betalevana, Vohipeno, Makoina View topographic map xf38-4 in the area of Ihorombe, Andriambekely, Lopary View topographic map xe39-3 in the area of Toamasina, Lohariandava, Ambodiriana, Tampina View topographic map xf38-3 in the area of Fenoandala, Basibasy, Tongobory View topographic map xf39-3 View topographic map xf38-1 in the area of Miary-soalengo, Ankiliabo, Ankirijy View topographic map xd39-3 in the area of Doany, Ambodivongo, Matsoandakana View topographic map xg38-2 in the area of Antanimena, Ambinanitelo, Berohanga View topographic map xc39-3 View topographic map xd38-4 in the area of Mahajanga, Anjiamangirana, Marovitsika, Ankerika View topographic map xe38-3 in the area of Ankilizato, Betanantanana, Ankisatra

Soviet military 1:500 000 (~1980): 20 maps

3 €
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View topographic map sg38-04 in the area of Berohanga, Marovotry, Enaniliha View topographic map sd38-15 in the area of Mahajanga, Katsepy, Namakia View topographic map sg38-07 in the area of Laparoy, Manambaro, Maroloha View topographic map se39-09 in the area of Toamasina, Ambohimena, Mandialaza, Marovoay View topographic map se38-12 in the area of Antananarivo, Miantso, Sadabe, Fenoarivo Centre View topographic map sf38-14 in the area of Antanimena, Saint Augustin, Belamoty View topographic map sd39-01 in the area of Diego Suarez, Antsiranana, Bobasakoa, Irodo, Joffreville View topographic map sf38-02 in the area of Manometimay, Marofandilia, Saronanala

US Joint operational 1:250 000 (~1970): 8 maps

2 €
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View topographic map se-sf38-39 in the area of Fianarantsoa, Miandrarivo, Ambohimanambola, Tanambao View topographic map sd-se38 in the area of Antananarivo, Mahajanga, Firavahana, Andrafialava, Marosakoa View topographic map sd-se39 in the area of Toamasina, Andaingo, Fahambahy, Ambinaninony View topographic map sc-sd38 in the area of Moroni, Mamutzu, Bambao, Bandele, Ouallah View topographic map sf-sg38-39 in the area of Marolinta, Kirimosa, Ehara View topographic map sc-sd39 in the area of Antsiranana, Diego Suarez, Antsakoabe, Ambendrana, Dzamandzar

US military 1:1 000 000 (~1957): 6 maps

2 €
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View topographic map 32 in the area of Antananarivo, Fianarantsoa, Diego Suarez, Mahajanga, Moroni

US military 1:2 000 000 (~1968): 1 maps

1 €
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View topographic map p06 in the area of Antananarivo, Toamasina, Fianarantsoa, Bevatry, Analavory View topographic map q06 in the area of Kirimosa, Marolinta, Anena View topographic map n06 in the area of Diego Suarez, Mahajanga, Antsiranana, Moroni, Mamutzu

US military 1:1 000 000 (~1978): 3 maps

1 €
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View topographic map n06-b View topographic map p06-a in the area of Bejobaka, Amboalimena, Maroaboaly View topographic map n06-c in the area of Antsiranana, Diego Suarez, Ambararatabe-nord, Antsahampano, Nosy Faly View topographic map p06-d in the area of Itremo, Ankiliabo, Miary-soalengo View topographic map p06-b in the area of Antananarivo, Toamasina, Fierenana, Ambohimilanja, Manjakandriana View topographic map n06-d in the area of Mahajanga, Mamutzu, Namakia, Anjajavy, Dapani View topographic map p06-c in the area of Fianarantsoa, Etrotroka, Ambodinonoka, Karianga

US military 1:500 000 (~1983): 7 maps

2 €
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The topographic map set of Madagascar includes maps of the rivers Betsiboka, Tsiribigya, Mangoki maps, Onilahi and Mahayamba maps, Sufian maps, Manguki maps, Betsibuka maps, Vuhitra and Unilahi maps. The set features as well Montagne maps, Andrinzhitra maps, Masoala, Mantadiya maps, Ranomafana maps, Isale, Ambr and Perina maps. Besides, you will find here Antananarivo maps, Toamasina maps, Fianarantsoa maps, Taulanaru maps, Toliara maps, Mahajanga maps, Antsiranana and Nusi-Be maps.

Madagascar is a country situated off the eastern coast of Africa in the western part of the Indian Ocean, on the island of Madagascar and the smaller adjacent islands. The area of Madagascar is 587,000 sq km.

Relief. The Central Highlands run throughout the eastern part of the island of Madagascar from north to south, broken tectonic processes with some arrays rising up to 2,900 m. Madagascar has a lot of extinct volcanoes. Plateau penetrated the valleys of the rivers, in the depressions formed small and large lakes. To the east of the Central Highlands two steep echelon down to the ocean, and narrow stretches along the coast lowlands. Everywhere coastline surrounded by powerful coral colonies, and the east coast is indented by a lot of small bays and coves.

Mountains. The central part of the island took a high plateau (Imerina), hollow down to the West and cool falling down to the lowlands of the east coast. The highest peak is the extinct volcano Marumukutru (2876 m), which is situated in the north of the island.

Rivers. On the territory of Madagascar pass such rivers as the Betsiboka, Tsiribigya, Mangoki, Onilahi and Mahayamba, Sufian, Manguki, Betsibuka, Vuhitra, Unilahi.

Lakes. Alaotra is Madagascar's largest lake, located in the north-east of the country.

Waterfalls. The most important waterfalls include such as the Betsibuka, the Ikupa, the Manguki, the Mahavavi, the Sufian and the Unilahi Waterfalls.

National Parks. The Montagne National Park is a large area of forested volcanic massif, 37 km south of Diego Suarez.

The National Park Andrinzhitra is a park that has been recently founded, 46 km from Ambalavao. Under his protection are granite mountains, waterfalls, valleys and fields, as well as second and third highest peaks of Madagascar - Peak and Peak Body Bory.

In Madagascar, there are also other national parks, such as Masoala, Mantadiya, Ranomafana, Isale, Ambr, Perina.

Reserves. Private Reserve Berenti is the most famous Malagasy Reserve. It is located along the banks of the river Mandravea. Museum Reserve holds rare examples of carved tribal Sakalama.

Reserve scurvy de Bemaraha (area 152 hectares - the largest protected area of Madagascar), extends from the plateau to the river Manambulu Bemaraha. The reserve covers a range of karst rocks and a chain of peaks. At the reserve, and Savannah is characteristic of western Madagascar.

It also highlighted such reserves as reserve Perinet, Ankavafantsina, Yifat, Lokobe, Ankarana.


  • Antananarivo (“The city of a thousand warriors”) or, as it is often called here, Tana, the capital of the island of Madagascar. The city is located at altitudes from 1240 to 1470 m in the valley between two hills, and low levels of the house up on their slopes, forming a real maze of lanes, arches, terraces, balconies and staircases;
  • Toamasina is Madagascar's largest port and second largest city in the country. Eternally bustling business activity of the port where the ships are found all over the world, a city in the colonial-style mansions, and many markets, Toamasina attracts thousands of visitors;
  • Southern Gates capital and people betsileu - Fianarantsoa, is located 400 km south of Antananarivo. Since 1830, the city was the administrative center of colonial Madagascar;
  • Taulanaru (Fort-Dauphin) lies at the foot of the peak of Saint Louis in the extreme south-east of the country. Because of the terrain in three Taulanaru observed a pronounced microclimatic zone, which allows side by side in this small plot of land to several natural complexes;
  • Toliara is a large port city on the coast of Mozambique Channel, at 950 km south-west of the capital. This is one of the sunniest and green cities in the country, built modest homes with original decoration;
  • Mahajanga is one of the oldest cities in the country and the former capital of the kingdom Buyna;
  • In Murundave deserve the attention of the market, a mosque, beaches in Betaniya, Buzi and Ankevu, relict forests Andranumena, Manambi;
  • Antsiranana (Diego Suarez), situated in the far north, on the shores of the second largest in the world of the bay. A major port and one of the industrial centers of the country, the city is of little interest for tourists, so the most prominent sights include the suite colonnade in the street Kolbera, a number of colonial-style homes, the area of the Admiral Ronarsha;
  • Island Nusi-Be is the leading resort of Madagascar and one of the recognized centers of international tourism. It is an island of golden beaches, coconut trees, luxury hotels and nightclubs.

Climate. The climate of the northern part of Madagascar is subequatorial, while in the south it is wet tropical. The average monthly air temperature in the lowlands varies from + 20˚C to +30˚C, while in the elevated areas, the average temperature ranges from +13˚C to + 20˚C. The annual rainfall the country receives is from 1000 to 1500 mm.