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Nepal - download topographic map set

Nepal - download topographic map set Total in map set71 maps of0,4Gb
Updated inJanuary 2015 (added 6 maps)
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Download topographic maps coverage for Google Earth: nepal--maps.kmz
Maps Size Language Price
Soviet military 1:100 000 (~1980) 2 25Mb Russian 1 €
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Soviet military 1:200 000 (~1980) 33 0,2Gb Russian 5 €
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Soviet military 1:500 000 (~1980) 8 42Mb Russian 2 €
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US Joint operational 1:250 000 (~1983) 4 23Mb English 1 €
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US military 1:250 000 (~1956) 18 85Mb English 3 €
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US military 1:1 000 000 (~1957) 2 10Mb English 1 €
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US military 1:1 000 000 (~1984) 1 14Mb English 1 €
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US military 1:500 000 (~1985) 3 30Mb English 1 €
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View topographic map h44-101 in the area of Jogbura, Tanakpur View topographic map h44-066 in the area of Dakar, Sobala

Soviet military 1:100 000 (~1980): 2 maps

1 €
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View topographic map h44-16 in the area of Lanngazhoinkang, Siar, Ta-la-mo-chi View topographic map g45-16 in the area of Haldibari, Madhura, Rangeli View topographic map h45-32 in the area of Syaburbensi View topographic map g45-08 in the area of Bingara View topographic map h45-25 in the area of Pa-lu-te-ko-su-mu, Phugaon, Yara View topographic map h44-34 in the area of Telpani, Ihingni, Shamsherganj View topographic map g45-04 in the area of Dingla, Sibrung View topographic map h45-31 in the area of Bagarchhap, Bartar, Chepe Ghat View topographic map g45-11 in the area of Shaugaon, Budbani, Kumai View topographic map g45-05 in the area of Gonpatang, Lachung, Mangan View topographic map g45-01 in the area of Belani, Dhading, Narayangarh View topographic map h44-33 in the area of Tikunia, Bhira, Khutar View topographic map g45-15 in the area of Sirha, Supaul, Bahera View topographic map h44-24 in the area of Chi-ku-mu, Lu-li-kung, Shuo View topographic map h44-23 in the area of Nepka, Salim View topographic map h44-30 in the area of Dangarjong, Kakkotgaon, Marpha View topographic map h44-22 in the area of Bajura, Dhuli, Ramu View topographic map g45-07 in the area of Narainapur, Sukhban, Bishanpura View topographic map g45-02 in the area of Kathmandu, Banepa, Barahbise, Beklot View topographic map h44-15 in the area of Dakar, Mathkot, Sobala View topographic map h44-17 in the area of Lu-lung View topographic map g44-05 in the area of Amile, Ararpari, Biskohar View topographic map h44-21 in the area of Baitadi, Bhandar, Dhindi View topographic map g45-17 in the area of Pachagarth, Ruhea, Thakurganj View topographic map g45-09 in the area of Okhaldhunga, Ramechhap View topographic map g44-04 in the area of Payagpur, Tambaur, Dhaurdha View topographic map g45-03 View topographic map g44-06 in the area of Taulihawa, Butwal, Mitel View topographic map h44-28 in the area of Thuwa, Tolisain, Dhimni View topographic map g45-14 in the area of Madhuban, Sursand, Deoria View topographic map g45-10 in the area of Beteni, Bijaipur, Hathikharka View topographic map h44-29 in the area of Dumjala, Jajarkot, Kurari View topographic map h44-27 in the area of Tanakpur, Balma, Bilauri

Soviet military 1:200 000 (~1980): 33 maps

5 €
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View topographic map h44-2 in the area of Xungba, Nyogze, Peng-li-ssu View topographic map h45-3 in the area of Phugaon, Ye, Sangsang View topographic map g44-2 in the area of Colonelganj, Anwayan, Ramkola View topographic map h44-3 in the area of Mala Kheti, Nurpur, Bilari View topographic map h44-4 in the area of Malbhanguwa, Chi-ku-mu, Ramkot View topographic map g45-1 in the area of Kathmandu, Depura, Bhawanipur, Dhading View topographic map h44-1 in the area of Chitkal, Ssu-ma-ssu, Kandai View topographic map g45-2 in the area of Thimphu, Gopalpur, Rangeli, Belakoba

Soviet military 1:500 000 (~1980): 8 maps

2 €
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View topographic map nh44-15 in the area of Lawamjula, Malbhanguwa, Shamsherganj View topographic map nh44-10 in the area of Jigal, Jogbura, Kaphrauli View topographic map nh44-14 in the area of Jahanabad, Khutar, Kichna View topographic map nh44-14 in the area of Jahanabad, Khutar, Kichna

US Joint operational 1:250 000 (~1983): 4 maps

1 €
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View topographic map nh44-10 in the area of Jigal, Jogbura, Kaphrauli View topographic map ng45-05 in the area of Jaijar, Kataia, Madhuban View topographic map nh44-07 in the area of Nyogze, Peng-li-ssu, Siar View topographic map nh44-11 in the area of Munigaon, Nepka, Ramu View topographic map nh45-13 in the area of Ku-la-ko, Ngawal, Orma View topographic map ng45-07 in the area of Budbani, Pipra, Dulharpatti View topographic map ng45-03 in the area of Sibrung, Beteni, Dingla View topographic map ng45-02 in the area of Banepa, Barahbise, Okhaldhunga View topographic map nh45-14 in the area of Hsi-mu-ti, Kaimar, Ko-ya-ta-ko View topographic map nh44-15 in the area of Lawamjula, Malbhanguwa, Shamsherganj View topographic map nh44-12 in the area of Shuo, Tegar, Chi-ku-mu View topographic map nh44-16 in the area of Khaldanda, Marpha, Padmi View topographic map ng44-03 in the area of Dewa, Raniganj, Dhaurdha View topographic map ng44-04 in the area of Domariaganj, Malmala, Taulihawa View topographic map nh44-14 in the area of Jahanabad, Khutar, Kichna View topographic map ng45-01 in the area of Kathmandu, Dhading, Kharkhana, Kisipidi View topographic map ng45-06 in the area of Sursand, Laukaho, Bahera View topographic map nh44-06 in the area of Mandi, Mathkot, Sobala

US military 1:250 000 (~1956): 18 maps

3 €
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View topographic map ng45 in the area of Kathmandu, Thimphu, Dhuraia, Barahbise, Sirha View topographic map nh44 in the area of Kaphrauli, Ta-la-mo-chi, Bilsa

US military 1:1 000 000 (~1957): 2 maps

1 €
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View topographic map h09 in the area of Nepal, Delhi, Kanpur, Lucknow, Kathmandu

US military 1:1 000 000 (~1984): 1 maps

1 €
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View topographic map h09-b in the area of Ma-pi-ta-ko-chung-an-mu, Cha-pa-ta-lang, Tegar View topographic map h09-a in the area of Delhi, New Delhi, Tirpani, Ihingni, Purali View topographic map h09-d in the area of Kanpur, Lucknow, Nagod, Chirgaon, Tantpur

US military 1:500 000 (~1985): 3 maps

1 €
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The topographic map set of Nepal features Himalayas maps, Midland maps, Pahari-Khanda maps, Everest maps, Chomolungma maps, Sagarmatha maps, Kala-Pattar maps, Annapurna maps, Kangchenjunga maps, Lhodze maps, Makalu maps, Manaslu maps, Dhaulagiri maps. One will also find Konsh maps, Gandaki maps, Karnaln maps, Seti maps, Papa maps, Feva and Foksundo maps. The set includes as well Kathmandu Valley maps, Kathmandu city maps, Lalitpur (Patan) maps, Bhaktapur maps, Lumbini maps, Marfa maps, Nagarkot maps, Godavari maps and Pokhara Valley maps. There are also maps of Namche Bazaar, Tengboche maps, Feriche maps, Dzhomsom maps, Hudi-Baglung maps, Beshisahar-Mananga maps, Upper Mustang (Lo) maps, Kamali maps, Ta'mur maps, Dolpo region maps, Helambu and Langtang maps displayed in the set.

Nepal is situated in Asia and it shares borders with India and China. North of Nepal is Tibet, an autonomous region of China, while along the southern border, from west to east, Nepal is bordered by the Indian states of Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Sikkim. In the north, Nepal is flanked by the Great Himalayan Range, which is famous for several peaks above 8,000 m, one of which, Everest (8,848 m), is the highest mountain on Earth.

Relief. Over 40% of Nepal's territory is situated at an altitude of over 3000 m, which makes Nepal the most mountainous country in the world. The lowest point of Nepal is located at an altitude of 70 m.

Along the southern border lies the northern edge of the Indus-Ganges Lowlands, most of which belongs to India. In the north, it closes with a string of slightly sloping hills called the Sivalik Range; it is the Himalayan foothills. Further to the north lies the middle step of the Himalayas - the middle-mountain Mahabharata Range, or the Small Himalayas. There is a depression, or internal median area, between the Mahabharata and the central Himalayas Ranges (the Midland, or Pahari-Khanda). This is the place where rivers that step down from the Himalayas. In the north, Pahari-Khanda joins the Main Himalayan Range, or the Greater Himalayas. The average height of the Great Himalayas is 6,000 m.

Mountains. There are eight of the world's 14 highest peaks, higher than 8,000 m. They include the highest mountain of the world, Everest, or Chomolungma (Sagarmatha in Nepali), 8848 m.

Rivers. In Nepal, there are around 6000 rivers. The most important among them include: the Konsh, the Gandaki, the Karnaln, the Seti and others. Papa, Feva and Foksundo are Nepal's largest lakes.

Sightseeing. The Kathmandu Valley is the most densely populated part of the country. Here there are three major cities of the country, three capitals - Kathmandu, the present capital, as well as two former capitals - Lalitpur (Patan) and Bhaktapur (Bhadgaon).

There is a town called Lumbini in the south of the country, a place which is considered the birthplace of Buddha.

Marfa (2,600 m) is a traditional Tibetan town, famous for its apple orchards, apple cider and apple pies, as well as an active temple.

Mustang is one of the most exciting and mysterious places in Nepal, with splendid views of the mountains and nature. Mustang is located in the north-west of Nepal, north of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges on the border with Tibet.

Patan, or Lalitpur, the "City of Art», is the capital of the ancient Nevar Kingdom.

Bhaktapur (the old name is Bhadgaon, the "City of the Faithful"), is the third city (after Kathmandu and Patan), in the Kathmandu Valley.

Nagarkot is a popular tourist resort. It lies 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu at an altitude of 2,173 m. Here you can admire a magnificent panorama of the highest peaks in the Eastern Himalayas, including Sagarmatha (Everest).

Godavari is the Royal Botanic Garden, which lies at the foot of Mount Pulchouk and strikes visitors with its natural beauty.

The Pokhara Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal, and Lakes Feva, Begnas and Rupa add to its special charm.

Tourism. Nepal is considered the best place for mountain tourism in the world. Professional and amateur climbing trekking routes cross the entire Himalayan region of the country. County Everest (Sagarmatha or Chomolungma) and Kala-Pattar (5,545 m) in the Khumbu region are universally recognized as the best and most equipped mountain tourism regions in the Himalayas. Everest, Daulagiri, Annapurna, Kangchenjunga, Lhodze, Makalu and other 8,000 plus heights traditionally attract a huge number of climbers to the country. Double-Ama (Ama-Dablan) is also considered to be one of the most beautiful mountains in the world in the Everest region. Such areas as Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Feriche, Dzhomsom, Hudi-Baglung, Beshisahar-Mananga, Upper Mustang (Lo), Kamali, Ta'mur, Dolpo region, Helambu, Langtang, etc., are most popular for hiking trips.

Boating, rafting and kayaking are also widespread. The best regions for them are the Trisuli River near Kathmandu and the Sankosi River in Dolalgata, as well as the areas of such national parks as Chitauen, Sagarmatha, Langtang, etc.

Climate. The climate of Nepal is a subtropical monsoon mountainous climate. This small area has several climatic zones. In the south, there is a tropical zone, while the peaks of the Himalayas are covered by Arctic glaciers. The cool and dry season in Nepal is from December to March. At this time of the year, the average temperature is about -21°C. In the highlands, the climate is cool all year round; it is not warmer than +10°C to +15°C in summer, while in winter the temperature drops from -7°C to -30°C and there is a piercing wind. Precipitation in the plains falls mostly during the summer period and the annual rainfall varies from 900 mm in the west to 1800 mm in the east.