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2d April, 1922 was founded the city of Raanana in Palestine

On the 2d of April, 1922 American company "Ahuza Alef- New York" engaged in the settlement of the Jewish population in Israel, founded the city of Raanana. Topographic map shows that this small town is not far from the Mediterranean coast in the southern part of the Sharonskoy valley.

The first attempts to create a settlement have been undertaken in 1912, but the project was suspended due to the outbreak of the First World War. "Ahuza" planned to buy the land in Palestine to immigrate to the country and establish a settlement there. Thus, on 2d of April, 1922 2 vans with four returnees from Canada and the United States, several workers, accompanied by two armed guards went from Tel Aviv, reached the place of foundation and put up a tent.

Name of the settlement "Raanana" invented the settlers. However, the Arab inhabitants of the settlement called it "Amerikayya" due to the fact that people spoke English here. Subsequently they left the Hebrew name "Raanana", which translates as "freshness". And indeed, the air is always fresh in Ra'anana, which is associated with the ban of the municipality to build industrial companies in the city. It also caters for flower competition, and therefore the city streets are always full of flowers and greenery.

In Ra'anana there are offices of such companies as SAP (largest software maker), Microsoft, NICE Systems (develops security systems), Amdocs (telecommunications company), etc.

You can find this small town on the map of Israel in the Central District 19 km from Tel Aviv. The population is about 70,000 people, mostly Jewish immigrants from the United States, Germany, France, CIS, UK , etc.

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