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55 years ago, the American nuclear submarine reached the North Pole

North PoleOn the 3d of August, 1958 the world's first submarine with a nuclear reactor "Nautilus" with a crew of 116 men under the command of William Anderson went to the North Pole.

For the first time "Nautilus" sailed in 1954 in the presence of the President of the United States Eisenhower. Unlike diesel-electric counterparts, the submarine had a new power plant, housing design, the location of equipment and facilities. "Nautilus" with a displacement of 4000t was equipped with a nuclear power plant that provides power to 13,800 horsepower and allows a speed of over 20 knots. The submarine could swim month without rising to the surface.

Before the start, the commander of the submarine Anderson got the latest maps of the depths of the Arctic. In addition, he made the flight, the route of which fully coincided with the planned route of "Nautilus".

The transition has been classified under the name "Operation Sunshine." Map of the navigation shows that on July 22, 1958 the submarine sailed off the Pearl Harbor, at top speed, and on the night of July 27, it was already in the Bering Sea. Two days later the "Nautilus" was held in the waters of the Chukchi Sea, and on the 1st of August was under the Arctic pack-ice. On the 3d of August geographic North Pole of our planet has been reached. "Nautilus" was the first submarine in the history which managed to reached this point.

While sailing boat set several records. Thus, the distance underwater 2250km been overcome for 90 hours.

In May, 1959 "Nautilus" came to Portsmouth, where it was carried out refurbishment and restart of nuclear fuel. In August, 1960 submarine joined the U.S. Sixth Fleet and became the first nuclear power boat in the Mediterranean. For 25 years, "Nautilus" was involved in the test programs and naval exercises. The ship made the last transition in May 1979.

Currently, "Nautilus" is moored in the port of Groton at the American Memorial Pier.

This Day in History 03-08-2013