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4th July, 1900 Eduard Toll went in search of Sannikov Land

Baron Eduard von TollOn the 4th of July, 1900 from Kronstadt started expedition in search of the mysterious Sannikov Land under the command of Arctic explorer Baron Eduard von Toll. However, the goal has not been achieved. On modern maps there is no Sannikov Land.

According to Yakut hunter, polar explorer Yakov Sannikov, north of the Arctic Siberian Islands, there is a mountainous land, which he had seen many times in 1808-1811. However, over the next century, all attempts to find the area were unsuccessful. Academic Russian polar expedition in 1900 went on the schooner "Zarya" in search of a ghost island. Eduard Toll himself went missing in 1902, when with three crew members was returning from a raid on a dog sled from the north of the New Siberian Islands.

In 1938 Arctic aviation pilots proved that Sannikov Land does not exist. Some scholars hold the version that the island ghost still existed in the XIX-XX centuries. but was later destroyed by the sea. So what happened to some islands – Semyonovskaya, Vasilevsky, Mercury, Diomede, which consisted of fossil ice, and the top was covered with soil. Gradually, the ice melted, and they disappeared. The researchers were able to detect underwater bank, which can be seen on a topographic map - Bank Sannikov. It represents a shelf in the Arctic Ocean, which is substantially less than the depth of the surrounding depths.


This Day in History 04-07-2014