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6th March, 1521 the island of Guam was discovered

Island GuamOn the 6th of March, 1521 during the circumnavigation in the western Pacific Ocean Ferdinand Magellan discovered the island of Guam.

On the map it is clear that Guam is located on the Mariana Islands archipelago. The Island stretches from south to north for 50 km, width of the narrowest part is12 km, the highest point - Mount Lumley - rises above sea level on the 406 m.

Indigenous population - Chamorros - lives here over 3500 years. At the beginning of the XVI century when Magellan visited the island here already arisen early class society, which was divided into slaves, freemen and leaders. In 1565 Guam was declared a Spanish colony. Colonization of the island was accompanied by lots of bloody riots of Chamorro, whereby the number of Aboriginal people, especially men, was strongly reduced. Then began mixing with the Spanish Chamorro, Filipinos and Mexicans. Despite the trials, the local population managed to preserve their language and some traditions.

In 1898 Guam was captured by the U.S. as a result of the Spanish-American War. Since then, the island has become a transit point for U.S. ships that followed the Philippines or else from the Philippines.

Political map of the world shows that the island is a U.S. possession, but is not part of any state or the District of Columbia and has no right to participate in elections. Herewith the third of the island is occupied by large strategic U.S. military base.

Currently , the island develops tourist industry, the main flow of tourists is from Japan.

This Day in History 06-03-2014