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7th March, 1912 South Pole was discovered

Roald AmundsenOn the 7th of March, 1912 Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen announced the discovery of the South Pole.

It is interesting, that the researcher's goal was to conquer the North Pole. Amundsen planned to head toward the coast of the Arctic ice. The map of the expedition was as following: Roald and four brave going sailors intended to go to the Arctic Ocean through the Bering Strait. However, while the team prepared for the voyage, Robert Peary and Frederick Cook told the world discovered the North Pole.

This course of events led Amundsen to review his plans. He has decided to radically change the course and go to the South Pole, which caused confusion in the public. Fridtj of Nansen, who lent Amundsen the ship “Fram”, was stunned as well. In fairness it should be noted that the Norwegian expedition was carefully arranged and mapped.

Amundsen thought in every detail how to create a system of warehouses and examined how to uses led dogs. And in December 1911 exactly he opened the South Pole. But only in March 1912 the expedition reached the city of Hobart (on the map this city can be found on the island of Tasmania), from where the traveler told about his discovery.

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