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8th of August is the International Day of Mountaineer

This date has not been chosen by chance. It was exactly on the 8th of August, 1786 when doctor from Switzerland Michel Packard first in the history of mankind conquered the highest peak in the Alps - Mont Blanc. Topographic map shows that it is the highest peak in Europe.

Michelle Packard, accompanied by conductor Jacques Balma, climbed to a height of 4810 meters above sea level. So far, hundreds of adventurers and travelers for decades tried to reach the "high-rise pole of Europe," but no one has managed to conquer Mont Blanc, some attempts have had a tragic ending. The locals even have to accompany the tourists, hoping to help them in achieving this goal.

It all started when, after yet another failed attempt a well-known geologist Horace Benedict de Saussure has announced a cash reward to anyone who can climb to the top. Over 26 years, all attempts were unsuccessful. And in 1786 Packard climbed to the top and hoisted his own flag. During the ascent Packard kept diaries, made a map and sketches, recorded the parameters of pressure and temperature. Immediately on return he started writing the book, and the second traveler meanwhile received the promised reward.

This Day in History 08-08-2013