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12th February, 1733 first settlement Savannah was founded

Savannah12th of February, 1733 is considered to be the foundation of the first settlement of the U.S. state Georgia - Savannah. If you look at a modern map of the USA, you can see that the city of Savannah is located on the Atlantic coast and is an important port of the eastern coast of the United States.

In the 30 years of the XVIII century began colonization of Georgia. British politician and naval officer James Oglethorpe, who at that time worked out a law on the insolvent debtor, proposed to use the land for the resettlement of Georgia's poorest people as debt prisons were overcrowded.

It is known that on 12th of February the first settlers landed. And then a huge number of prisoners were shipped. That’s why this area has received the appropriate reputation, despite the fact that colonists themselves lived there.

It is noteworthy that James Oglethorpe not only managed to get King George III's permission to organize the colony, but spent for these purposes a huge amount of his own money - 90 000 pounds. As a politician, he was trying to improve the morale of the colony by introducing "dry law" and the abolition of slavery. However, this did not allow him to reach his goal but rather angered the public and he had to leave Savannah Oglethorpe in 1743.

The city became the first capital of the state of Georgia, so it presents interest for tourists. If you open a virtual map of Savannah, then you can immediately pay attention on the old buildings, tree-lined streets, scenic waterfront.

This Day in History 12-02-2013