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12 October, 1884 was founded the southernmost city in the world

On the 12th of October, 1884 Spaniards founded the city of Ushuaia. If you study the world map you can see the same name bears port city in the south of Argentina. It is the administrative center of the province of Tierra del Fuego. The population of Ushuaia has 50,000 people, and at the height of the tourist season raises up to 70 thousand. This is the southernmost city in the world, literally, end of the world. In the outskirts of Ushuaia are situated the southernmost railway in the world and the national park. The average monthly temperature in Ushuaia in February is +11 °C, and in August - 0 °C. In summer, daytime temperatures rarely exceeds +15 ° C.

Legendary Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan first mapped and namedit the Land of Fire. Over the centuries, the city struck fear into sailors with sharp rocks and Antarctic winds. Initially, the city was normal whaling, but eventually it turned into a penal colony with prisons for the worst criminals.

Geographic map shows that Ushuaia is on the way to Antarctica. It is not surprising that very often here you can find moored cruise ships and private yachts. In the summer prestigious yachts purposely do "hook" to visit the southernmost city on the planet. In fairness it should be noted that there are towns that are located further south: the military base of Puerto Williams and the fishing village of Puerto Toro with population of 50 fishermen and their families.

If you pick up a modern map, you will certainly find that Ushuaia is located near the famous ski resort.

This Day in History 12-10-2013