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14th May, 1607 the first European settlement in North America was founded

14th of May, 1607 is the day of the founding of Jamestown, which became the first permanent European settlement in North America. If you examine the map of the American continent, it is possible to find many cities with identical names. But the first Jamestown appeared near Cape Henry in Chesapeake Bay, which is in the U.S. East Coast, Virginia.

Exactly on 14th of May people arrived on three ships from England and landed at the mainland, and later built a wooden fort. The settlement was named after the King of England and Ireland, James I, who was in power at the time.

The settlers faced various difficulties: lack of food and water, hunger, disease, and even cannibalism. 73 colonists did not survive the first winter. Despite this, the city remained the capital of the British colony of Virginia for 90 years. Only fire in 1698 turned it into a small village, and the capital was moved to Williamsburg.

Now on the world map you will not find Jamestown. Today, this place is a museum in the open air, which tells the story of the discovery of America.

This Day in History 14-05-2013