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14th December, 1958 Russian expedition reached the South Pole of Inaccessibility

On the 14th of December, 1958 Soviet polar explorers reached the Pole of Inaccessibility of Antarctica and founded a temporary station "Pole of Inaccessibility".

Topographic map allows us to follow, that the South Pole of Inaccessibility is a point which is located in the heart of Antarctica, and which is difficult to achieve because of the large distance from the shores of the Southern Ocean and the lack of transportation. However, the term does not describe a physical phenomenon. In fact, this is a geographical point in Antarctica, which presents interest for extreme tourists and travelers.

It is noteworthy that it’s hardly possible to find this point on the map, since exact coordinates of this place does not exist. Scientists cannot come to a consensus, since the movement of the ice shelves, inability to determine the boundaries of the land cause difficulties. Pole of Inaccessibility is often combined with the station of the same name, based Antarctic Expedition and located at 82 ° 06 'S 54 ° 58 ' c. etc. ( at a distance of 878 km from the South Pole and 3718m above sea level). However, there are other opinions. For example, the Polar Research Institute of Scott defines this point at 85 ° 50 'S 65 ° 47 'E. 

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