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15th May, 1935 the first subway in Russia is opened

On the 15th of May, 1935 Moscow subway was launched. First line stretched from the "Sokolniki" to "Culture Park" with a branch to the "Smolensk" station. Initially, Metro was named in honor Kaganovich L.M. and only in 1955 it was renamed in honor of LeninV.I.

 When studying the map at that time, you will notice that it was the fourth in intensity (after Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo) metro system. As for the size, it stretched to the limits of Moscow and partly - the Moscow region. In addition, the subway differs by large diameter of tunnels (5.5 meters) and a width of the platform, which was 4 meters.

Nowadays it’s not difficult to get a map of the Moscow metro, and make sure that to this day it is the largest metro in the world. System length of 313km includes 12 lines with 188 stations. Architectural design and decoration of the 44 stations is recognized as objects of cultural heritage.

This Day in History 15-05-2013