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15 June, 1502 the island of Martinique was discovered

island of MartiniqueOn the 15th of June, 1502 Christopher Columbus during his 4th Expedition (1502-1504), aimed to find the western route to India, discovered the island of Martinique. Geographic map shows that the island is located in the Caribbean Sea and it belongs to the Small Antilles archipelago.

In 1635 began the colonization of Martinique by France. However, the UK also pretends on the island, whose colony this island was during 1762-1802. In 1802 according to the Amiens peace Martinique was returned to France, and now is the overseas department of this State.

Martinique is an auspicious place for the cultivation of coconuts and bananas. If one studies the topographic map he will notice the presence of a volcano on the island of Pelée, which causes the high fertility of the soil in these areas.

This Day in History 15-06-2013