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15th July, 1867 was born Jean-Baptiste Charcot

Jean-Baptiste Charcot On the 15th of July, 1867 was born Jean-Baptiste Etienne Auguste Charcot, traveler, polar explorer, oceanographer.

Jean-Baptiste was born in the family of a French psychiatrist. After school he began to assist his father and helped him until his death in 1893.

In 1892 Charcot bought his first yacht. In 1901 he was engaged in an oceanographic research in the area of the Faroe, Shetland and the Hebrides.

In 1903 started Antarctic Expedition led by Charcot. Sailing on the schooner "Frenchman" lasted almost two years. During this time was studied nearly a thousand kilometers of coastline of the Antarctic Peninsula. Charcot brought from a trip more than seven dozen boxes of exhibits for the museum in Paris.

In 1908 Charcot went on a voyage during which discovered and mapped the Charcot Island, named it in honor of his father. Geographical map shows that the island with an of 630 sq. km is located 80 km from Earth Aleksandra I.

In 1915 he commanded anti-submarine ship and was engaged in the defense of the coast of Normandy and Brittany.

In the period from 1918 to 1925 Charcot made lithological studies conducted in the seas and adjacent areas of the Atlantic, explored the eastern shore of Greenland. In 1928 he participated in the search for the missing expedition of Amundsen. In 1934 worked in Greenland, where he led the preparatory work for the upcoming Paul Emile Victor trip. On the way back Charcot’s ship shipwrecked near Iceland. Only one sailor managed to escape. Jean-Baptiste Charcot died at sea and was buried in the cemetery of Montmartre in Paris.

Thus, for three decades, Jean-Baptiste Charcot led scientific expeditions to the west coast of Antarctica, traveled to Greenland, conducted oceanographic research in the English Channel, the measured depth in the Atlantic Ocean, Baltic and North Seas. The modern topographic map has a mountain and the Strait in Kerguelen archipelago, bay and cape in Antarctica, which were named in honor of Charcot.

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