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17th April, 1524 Giovanni da Verrazzano reached New York Bay

Giovanni da VerrazzanoOn the 17th of April 1524 Italian Giovanni da Verrazzano reached the New York Bay.

If you open a topographic map, you can hardly find on it the New York Bay. The thing is that New York Bay means a geographical notion that consists of a complex of rivers, tidal estuaries and bays located near the Hudson River.

In 1523 Giovanni da Verrazano led an expedition to find the waterway in China. A fleet of four ships ran into a gale, which damaged ships and the fleet had to go back to the shores of France.

Once the ships were repaired Giovanni sailed to the coast of the island of Madeira, and then headed for the west and re-enters the storm. He decides to stray off course to the north and approaches the shores of America about 34° north latitude. Geographic map shows that this area is a ​​Cape Fair (North Carolina).

Next Verrazano turns north and is at the mouth of the Hudson River. It is noteworthy that the river is named after Henry Hudson, who was able to find the New York harbor, using maps and detailed descriptions compiled by Verrazzano.

It should be noted that exactly in the New York Bay is located the island of Liberty on which the famous Statue of Liberty was erected.

This Day in History 17-04-2014