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18th January, 1778 The Hawaiian Islands were discovered

On the 18th of January 1778 James Cook's expedition found the first 4 islands of the Hawaiian archipelago. Famed explorer charted them on the map and named them Sandwich. 18th of January is marked in history as the day of the discovery of the Hawaiian Islands. If you examine modern maps, we can see that the Hawaiian Islands represent an archipelago that consists of 24 islands and atolls, located in the North Pacific Ocean. Since 1959 Hawaii is the 50th states of the U.S.A.

Immediately, as James Cook came ashore, he saw a crowd of natives, who fell to his knees and began to express their respect. Hawaiians believed that the God-man is a stranger. Aborigines believe in the existence of the God Rono, once gone out to sea and promised to return in a century.

English captain, in his turn, gave the Islanders gifts, which contributed to the establishment of friendly relations. Fair trade was established. But soon good relations with natives have been spoiled because sailors abused Hawaiian women, despite the fact that Cook punished them for it.

A year later, in January of 1779 James Cook thoroughly explored the Sandwich Islands, including Hawaii, and charted maps.

On 4th ofFebruary expedition went out to sea. But because of the raging storm travelers were forced to turn back. At this time, the natives were not happy about the return of the sailors. Aborigines have managed to steal a boat from the ship. Angered James Cook decided to take hostage the chief. British explorer thought it would help to return big skiffstolen by natives. But expectations of the captain did not come true.

Despite the opposition of the armed army of marines, angry Hawaiians killed Cook and four sailors. Only after long negotiations, the British were able to obtain from the natives the remains of the great discoverer: head without lower jaw, scalp, hands, arm bone and femur. The ashes of James Cook were put to sea.

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