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18th October, 1667 Brooklyn was founded

On the 18 of October, 1667 is the date of Brooklyn’s founding. If you study a map of the US you’ll see that populous administrative unit of modern New York is situated on Long Island of East River. According to the data of 2009, Brooklyn's population is 2.5 million inhabitants.

At first it was a small Dutch village Breukelen, whose name translates as the broken line. Until 1898, when Greater New York was founded, Brooklyn was a separate city, with third population in the United States after New York and Chicago.

On the western part of Long Island, besides Brooklyn, Dutch founded six other cities, including Jamaica and Flushing. At present (can be seen on the U.S. map) is the oldest residential areas of Queens which amount 300 years.

Brooklyn Bridge with length of 1825m connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. It is the oldest suspension bridge of the United States of America and it was the first in the history of the bridges, built with the use of steel bars.

This Day in History 18-10-2013