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19th April, 1776 was born Russian explorer Vasily Golovin

On the 19th of April, 1776 into a noble family was born Vasily Golovin, Russian explorer, researcher, vice-admiral.

Father and grandfather of Vasily Mikhailovich served in Preobrazhensky regiment, where at the age of six Vasily was recruited. He had been assigned to the Naval Cadet Corps. In 1792 Vasily Golovin graduated from the course, but being too young was left for one more, which he spent on the study of literature, history and physics. And in 1793 he was made a midshipman.

In the period from 1801 to 1805 he served in the English fleet under the command of Admiral Nelson, Kornvalisa and Kolingvuda. Upon returning home, he made a body of military marine signals, which Russian fleet used for the next 20 years.

In 1806 - 1811 Golovin sailed on the sloop "Diana", and in 1817-1819 on the frigate "Kamchatka".

In 1806 as lieutenant he was appointed a commander of the sloop -trailers "Diana", which was transformed into a three-masted sailing vessel. This is the only case in the history of the Russian fleet, when the lieutenant was appointed a commander of the ship. The government decided Vasily Golovin was sent to circumnavigate the globe with the aim of geographical discoveries in the Pacific Ocean.

In June 1807 he started expedition around the world. If we trace the route on the map, you will notice that the "Diana" sailed near the islands of Tristan da Cunha, and two months later reached the Cape of Good Hope and moored to Simonstown, where the British declared Golovnin the war between Russia and England, and detained ship. In May 1809 Vasily Golovin escaped, left the bay and sailed to Kamchatka. In 1819 he wrote a book in which he described and placed here travel maps.

In 1811 Vasily Golovnin was instructed to make descriptions and topographic maps of Shanter and the Kuril Islands. He made ​​a detailed inventory and map of the Kuril Islands from the coast to the Strait of Iturup Hope. During the study and mapping of the Kushnir Island Golovnin was captured by the Japanese.

In 1817 - 1819 on a military ship "Kamchatka" Golovnin made ​​a circumnavigation, the description and maps of which he presented in a book published in 1822.

In 1827 Vasily Golovin was appointed quartermaster - general of the fleet. In his charge were commissariat, shipbuilding and artillery departments.

On the map you can find a variety of objects, named after Vasily Golovin, including Cape Mount and the New Earth, the strait between the islands of the Kuril chain.

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