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20th May, 1742 Semyon Chelyuskin reached the northernmost point of mainland Eurasia

Semyon ChelyuskinOn the 20th of May, 1742 during the Russian Kamchatka expedition explorer Semyon Chelyuskin on toboggan sled first reached the Cape, which was the northernmost point of Eurasia. Originally cape was named North East, but later was renamed.

After visiting the Cape, Semyon Chelyuskin moved to the mouth of Lower Taymyr. He mapped and made a description of the northern coast of Taymyr. In total, the researcher traveled more than 7000 km.

Topographic map shows that Cape Chelyuskin is on the Taimyr Peninsula (Russia). On the one hand it is Vilkitski Strait and Bay Spartacus on the other side. At a distance of 53 km from the nearest Bolshevik Island.

In 1878 Cape visited Arctic explorer Nordenskjold and in 1893 Norwegian Nansen who could first ever round the Cape.

In 1932 at Cape appeared polar station. Nowadays there is a radio meteorological center, where constantly work about 10 employees.

This Day in History 20-05-2014