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23d October, 1582 - the conquest of Siberia

the conquest of SiberiaSiberian crusade of Yermak is the invasion of Cossack’s detachment of Yermak to the territory of the Siberian Khanate in the years of 1581-1585, which marked the beginning of the development of Russian Siberia.

Detachment of 840 men was formed by Russian kingdom in the Perm region. Yermak Cossacks arrived in Perm Krai at the invitation of the Stroganov in 1579 to protect their lands from attacks of Voguls and Ostyaks.

September 1, 1581 unit plunged to Struga and climbed the Chusovoi and Silver (tributaries of the Kama) to saddle Tagil in the Ural Mountains. With an ax in the hands Cossacks themselves made their way, clearing debris, felled trees, cut down the clearing. They did not have time and effort to smooth the rocky path, so that they could not drag the court on the ground, using rollers. According to the participants of the tour, they were dragging the court into the mountain "on itself", in other words, in their arms. On the pass Cossacks built earthwork - Kokui-town where they wintered until spring. Rafting on the Tagil, swam in the Tour.

The first skirmish of Cossacks with Siberian Tatars took place near the modern town Turinsk (Sverdlovsk region), where soldiers of knyazh Epanche fired Ermak unit from bows. Here Yermak using arquebuses and cannons dispersed cavalry of Murzas epanche. Then the Cossacks took the town Chingi-round (Tyumen region) without a fight. At the site of the modern Tyumen was taken many treasures: silver, gold and precious Siberian furs.

May 22, at the mouth of Tours Cossacks had to do battle with six Tatar princes, among which the most famous were Matmas and Cascara.

July 21 was a battle in Babasanskih yurts. Yermak, standing in a trench, stopped by several volleys thousands of Mametkula horsemen who raced at full speed. At a long ravine Siberian Tatars again fired arrows into army of Yermak.

November, 4 Kuchum decided to meet the Cossacks near the site of draining of Tobol and Irtysh in Chuvash Cape. Waiting for the Cossacks, Khan gathered a large force of nearly 15 thousands. In the decisive battle with Kuchum were mercenaries and Ostyak Vogul princelings with personal retinues. Forces were not the best, as the most capable forces of Kuchum had gone to raid in the Perm. The local population did not support Kuchum,and in the midst of battle Ostyaks and Voguls left Khan. Kuchum was defeated and retreated to Ishim steppe.

November 8, 1582 Ataman Yermak took Kashlyk - then the capital of the Siberian Khanate.

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