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25th March, 421 Venice was founded

25th of March, 421 is the founding date of the legendary city - Venice. On the 25th of March residents of this city annually celebrate the Day of the city.

 There is a beautiful legend, according to which, in this day the waters of lagoon separated, and then appeared a city of unprecedented beauty. According to another version, the residents of nearby villages moved to the islands of the lagoon,in an effort to hide from foreign invaders.

The Venice can be found on the map of Italy. The city so far has retained its medieval appearance. The city of Venice is unique because it is located on the 118 islands of the lagoon, which are shared by numerous channels that in their turn are connected by more than 400 bridges.

If you study the map of the world in search of a suitable route for the next holiday, you should pay attention to the Venice Island, especially if you still have not visited this place.

This Day in History 25-03-2013