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25th August, 1930 the west coast of Severnaya Zemlya was opened

On the 25th of August, 1930 explorers discovered and mapped the western shore of Severnaya Zemlya.

On 15thof July, 1930 expedition on the icebreaker "Georgy Sedov" sailed off Arkhangelsk. V.Vize and O. Schmidt headed the ship. The aim of the high-latitude expedition was to study the Kara Sea. In late July, the ship came to the island Hooker (on the map, it is on one of the islands of the archipelago of Franz Josef Land). Part of the crew began to survey the surrounding islands, the rest of the team started construction works.

In mid-August, the expedition headed in a northeasterly direction to explore the unexplored regions of the Arctic Ocean. During the voyage were opened and displayed on the map of the following islands: Isachenko, Schmidt, Voronin, Wiese, and Sedov Archipelago. During the expedition, the polar station was built on the Domashny Island. Over the next two years under the direction of polar Ushakov the studies of Severnaya Zemlya continued.

GeorgySedov" reached 81 ° N, but the way forward was closed by ice, so the icebreaker turned south and on the 14th of September arrived in Arkhangelsk. Expedition covered about 10000km and made a grand scientific and research work. Three years later, on the basis of the information of G.Ushakova detailed complete map of Severnaya Zemlya was compiled.

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