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27th December, 1530 started expedition of Pizarro

expedition of PizarroOn the 27th of December, 1530 three ships under the command of Francisco Pizarro sailed from Panama to Peru. Thus began the third and the final expedition led by Spanish conquistador.

Almost 200 people came ashore in Ecuador and headed to Tumbes, where they saw that the city was completely destroyed. These people founded the first Spanish settlement in Peru called San Miguel de Piura. Thus, in 1532 on the Map of South America appeared first city, which was built on the banks of the river Chiry.

As soon as the Spaniards settled in the South American lands, came Atahualpa - the envoy of Inca - and invited Pizarro to the meeting. It should be noted that during that period there was a civil war of the Incas, many of whom died as a result of contamination of measles and smallpox brought from the Ocean. Meanwhile, Atahualpa was celebrating his victory over his brother Huascar and had vacations in Peru. Two months after receiving the invitation, the expedition came to Atahualpa. He agreed to change the faith and be a vassal of the King of Spain. Then Pizarro, having 200 soldiers, decided to fight against 80 000 army of Incas.

The battle ended with the victory of Pizarro. Ataulpa was captured. He promised to fill one room with silver, and the other with gold in exchange for his freedom. Ataulpa kept his promise, but, despite this, he was executed on charges of killing his brother and plotting against Pizarro.

Ataulpa was replaced by Ruminyavi, who for two years led an uprising Empire in the north of the Inca. Meanwhile, Pizarro managed to find allies among themselves in the south of the Inca Empire. In 1536 Spaniards were able to conquer the Inca capital of Cuzco, which can be seen today on the map of Peru, if you carefully study the southwest of the modern state. The last ruler of the Inca was killed in 1572 that marked the end of empire Tiahuanaco. Inca culture was completely destroyed, the state mercilessly plundered and conquered Incas became a part of the Quechua peoples.

Francisco Pizarro gained fame through its participation in the conquest of Peru. He took an active part in the destruction of the Inca state, founded seven cities, including Lima.

This Day in History 27-12-2012