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29th March, 1549 was founded the city of Salvador

On the 29th March, 1549 Portuguese settlers under the Governor of colonial Brazil Tome de Souza founded the city of Salvador.

The city is located on the shores of the Bay of All Saints, which Europeans first visited in 1500 during the expedition under the command of Pedro Cabral, which served as the beginning of the development of Brazil by the Portuguese. In 1501 explorer Gaspar de Lemos made ​​a mapping of the bay. However, again, the Portuguese landed on the shore of the bay after thirty years in 1531 (expedition Martin Afonso de Sousa).

In 1549 here arrived Tome de Souza who founded Salvador, which for 214 years was the capital of Brazil. Unbeatable location, port availability and favorable conditions for the growth of sugar cane quickly turned the city into an economic center in the north- east of the continent.

In 1763 it was decided to move the capital of the state in Rio de Janeiro, which plunged Salvador into stagnation for 150 years. Only in the 1990s the government began to implement various projects to attract tourists.

Topographic map shows that El Salvador is located on a peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the bay of All Saints.

Map of Brazil demonstrates that currently Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia. The city is located on two levels: the "lower" is a shopping center, the "upper" - museums, churches, built in colonial style, government offices and modern buildings. It is possible to get from the "top" of the city to the "lower", using a unique urban transport - lift Lacerda.

This Day in History 29-03-2014