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29th of October, 1973 was opened Bosphorus Bridge between Europe and Asia

Bosphorus BridgeBosphorus Bridge - the first suspension bridge over the Bosphorus. On the map you can see that it connects the European and Asian parts of Istanbul.

The bridge is 1560 meters long, the length of the main span is 1074 meters, width of the bridge - 33 meters, the height of the supports - 165 meters above the water. From the roadway to the surface of the water - 64 meters.

Bookmark of the Bridge was planned back in 1950, but was realized only on February 20, 1970. Opening of the bridge took place on 29 October 1973, the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic. The bridge was built by the German company Hochtief and the British company Cleveland Engineering. The construction of the bridge cost $200 million.

Every day the Bridge pass more than 200 000 units of transport, carrying around 600,000 passengers. Along its length it takes 13th place in the world. The drive over the bridge is fee paying, pass over the bridge for pedestrians is closed (due to the fact that the bridge was used to commit suicide).

This Day in History 29-10-2014