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6 GLONASS satellites are to launch in 2015
The program of GLONASS satellite navigation system includes the launch of six vehicles in 2015, ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2014-11-24

19th November, 1875 was born Hiram Bingham
Hiram Bingham - American archaeologist and politician who immortalized himself by opening "lost city of the ...
This Day in History 2014-11-19

18th November, 1832 was born Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld
Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld - Swedish (Finnish), geologist and geographer, Arctic explorer, ...
This Day in History 2014-11-18

14th November, 1963 the island Surtsey was founded
Surtsey is an uninhabited island in Iceland, in the southernmost point of the country, a World’s ...
This Day in History 2014-11-14

11th November, 1729 was born Louis Antoine comte de Bougainville
Louis Antoine was born to a notary public, a member of the Paris city council. He studied at ...
This Day in History 2014-11-11

Results of the meeting of the NASA Committee
A special scientific committee evaluated the performance of current NASA missions to other ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2014-11-10

1300 historical US maps added
1300 historical US maps issued in the 60s-80s added to Updates can be found in the following sets: India Iran Iraq Kazakhstan South Macedonia Madagascar Nigeria Pakistan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Western Sahara and others.
Mapstor news 2014-11-06

5th November, 1885 was born Francis Kingdon Ward
Francis Kingdon Ward - British explorer and botanist in East Asia, the lead expert on collecting plants. ...
This Day in History 2014-11-05

Added 2876 German military maps of Europe
New maps can be found in the following sets: Czech Republic   Austria  Croatia  Belgium  ...
Mapstor news 2014-11-04

China Conference on Satellite Navigation
Сhina Conference on Satellite Navigation, GPS technologies and applications will be held from ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2014-11-03

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