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Added 2876 German military maps of Europe
New maps can be found in the following sets: Czech Republic   Austria  Croatia  Belgium  ...
Mapstor news 2014-11-04

China Conference on Satellite Navigation
Сhina Conference on Satellite Navigation, GPS technologies and applications will be held from ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2014-11-03

29th of October, 1973 was opened Bosphorus Bridge between Europe and Asia
Bosphorus Bridge - the first suspension bridge over the Bosphorus. On the map you ...
This Day in History 2014-10-29

Market of military GPS/GNSS-technology: prospects for the next 10 years
Online library of market research Reportstack announced a new ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2014-10-27

23d October, 1582 - the conquest of Siberia
Siberian crusade of Yermak is the invasion of Cossack’s detachment of Yermak to the territory of the Siberian ...
This Day in History 2014-10-23

22th October, 1975 "Venera-9" transferred first images to Earth
" Venera-9 " and " Venera-10 " – spacecrafts designed in the Soviet ...
This Day in History 2014-10-22

21st October, 1520 Ferdinand Magellan discovered the strait between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
The expedition included five ships with food provision ...
This Day in History 2014-10-21

17th October, 1740 during the Second Kamchatka expedition was founded Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Expedition, which was led directly by Vitus Bering, often ...
This Day in History 2014-10-17

6 satellites of Galileo launched
The European satellite navigation system Galileo (similar to the American GPS and Russian GLONASS) and the ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2014-10-15

12th October, 1492 Columbus discovered America
On the 12th of October , 1492, having reached the island of San Salvador, Christopher Columbus landed in the ...
This Day in History 2014-10-12

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