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Cockroaches will help to map destroyed buildings

Scientists suggest using a special set of devices to create cyborg cockroaches. According to the developers, this know-how can be used in educational purposes.

But researchers from the University of North Caroline believe that innovation has a broader scope. They believe that insects can, for example, enter the premises where a human can’t stay. Thus, you can effectively make maps of destroyed buildings and other structures.

Constructor for creating a cyber - insects is quite simple. The principle of operation is that attached to the cockroach antennae electrodes are connected to a controller located on the back of the insect. Remote operator sends commands to the cockroach - cyborg, stimulating the right or left mustache and thereby causing the move in one or another direction.

To map the rooms it’s necessary to have a swarm of insects. Cockroaches are supplied with electrodes and then they are discharged into the test object and wait until insects are randomly distributed over the entire area. Then the operators start to send signals to insects and cockroaches began to move along the walls. Herewith detectors determine the distance from one insect to another. After a few swarms of insects have finished the work, special software can calculate the results and create a map of the building.

Experts predict that the new development will help to explore and map objects that can cause chemical or radiation hazard to humans.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 01-02-2014