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Google mapped more than 10 000 buildings

Google representatives said that Google Maps application for tablets and phones based on Android has maps of more than 10,000 buildings. Most indoor locations that are mapped are situated in the United States. Nevertheless, there are maps of the objects, located in Switzerland, UK, Japan and Canada.

In addition, recently the developer has provided maps of 20 U.S. museums, including maps of the 17 Smithsonian museums and a zoo. In total, 250 000 sq. m of museums are mapped. A user can select a point or building of interest by clicking, which can be chosen as the final destination.

To see the floor plan, it is enough to zoom the object. Maps have a convenient user interface. For example, using the magnifying glass, you can search on names of the museum. If a user is virtually inside a building, he can use the search function using the menu tab My Location.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 02-07-2012