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New version of Google Earth 5.2

Free program of three-dimensional images of the Earth developed by Google - the largest search engine - was updated. New version of Google Earth 5.2 has more functions. Geointerface is already available in the Internet for free download.

Even in version 5.0 users could connect a GPS and find the route of their trip. But the developers have done more: now the graph shows change in average velocity and height profiling leg. Moreover, you can create video of the planned route with additional information.

Among innovations one should also note the creation of built-in browser, thank to which clicking on hyperlinks become more convenient. Improvement of the program indicates that the capacity of existing browsers is fairly limited. Appearance of three-dimensional view in Google Maps proves that priorities of the developers are aimed to enhance browser’s applications.

Another improvement of the program was an automatic separation of large sets of vector data on a territorial basis into regions, upgraded facilities for importing data, support of MGRS format.

At present the number of Google Earth users is around one billion people. This shows the relevance of geointerface, which implies inevitability of change and the timeliness of updates.

Experts say that rapid development of Google Earth gives users a universal global tool to solve various professional tasks without using GIS.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 02-08-2010