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Google Maps makes the picture of the planet at an angle of 45 degrees

Modern man does not necessarily need to leave the house in order to observe and study the neighborhood of almost any unfamiliar place in the world. With Google Maps you can fly over the mountains and plains, over the cities and streets, buildings and roads, without departing from the monitor's of your own computer.

However, Google Maps does not intend to rest on its laurels, and provides users with one more option for planet exploration - aerial photography at an angle of 45 degrees. That 45-degree angle, rather than the top! Developers of Google Maps offer to users the opportunity to consider the object of interest in more detail, which makes a virtual walk on the earth terrain much more realistic and interesting.

Randy Wilson from Google Imagery Team announced the launch of a survey of some U.S. cities and some others around the world and explained that the 45-degree type of imaging will allow to study in detail four side parts of the buildings by rotating it around by means of a compass.

In real life, you are unlikely to observe the building from the bird's eye view. And with Google Maps a virtual tour is accessible to any internet user. Once you zoom the scale of photo, and the object reaches the maximum level of size: Google Maps is starting to show 45-degree image - aerial photos.

But there are also some disadvantages of this innovation: a function can be verified only at a single site, and then only on condition that it is not very large. It is not possible to view the whole area of the city, since the point of the angle of view is very low, and you cannot obtain the access.

By the way, in Bing this function is represented better. In addition to this, the number of aerial photos is larger and the interface is better.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 02-11-2010