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The General Staff of the Russian federation has declared that detailed topographic maps will remain a secret

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation represented by the Head of Military-Topographic Department of the Military Forces of RF has announced that secret topographic maps which are being used for the benefit of defense and security of the country will not be available to the public. The maps which were planned to be declassified have the scale of 1:50000.

The Head of the Military-Topographic Department Sergei Kozlov has declared that it is impossible to reveal such important information.  The only thing that will possibly be on open access is the maps that do not contain information about secret objects.

Thus it turns out that the maps of 1:50000 scale will be created in two variants. Some of them will be intended for public use; others (used for the benefit of defense and security of the Russian Federation) will be secret.

Kozlov has also highlighted that in spite of the fact that nowadays high-quality images of secret objects can be obtained with the help of space technology, a part of data (for example, river depth, the character of vegetation, bearing capacity of bridges and so on) will not be available without presence in a certain location.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 03-01-2012