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“Bad roads” map appears on Android

The program GoodRoads that makes possible to compile the map of “bad roads” is now available for Android as well. Beginning with the first of May the owners of smartphones based on Android can install a free version of the application GoodRoads.

It can be noted that the application GoodRoads became available for download on April, 1 for iPhone users. The program is helpful because it realizes automated monitoring of road conditions by processing data from mobile users, and then it accumulates all the information on the server.

The application is popular, and therefore the developers have submitted a new version in two languages: English and Russian. Since the program was launched, it has been uploaded to the 15,000 devices and filled with data of the condition of more than 10,000 miles of roads. It is noteworthy that almost the entire map of Moscow is painted in yellow, which indicates the cracks and bumps on the road.

Today the map of "bad roads" is perhaps the world's best tool for monitoring the roadway. Owners of mobile devices on the platform iOS (the operating system of Apple) and Android will appreciate the benefits of using the application GoodRoads during a trip out of town, going on a visit to the village or to the country.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 04-05-2012