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Movea proposed to use smartphone to navigate inside buildings

The owner of more than 500 patents in the field of navigation Movea continues its development in this field. The latest one was indoor navigation technology that works without GPS satellite signal and radio frequency Wi-Fi. Unlike traditional, new solution has no gyro drift, "dead zones" and can function effectively even with background noise.

Navigation in building is carried with the use of standard smartphone sensors: digital compass, accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope. The first thing the user needs is to enter his height, after which the application receives data from the accelerometer and compass using which it counts the steps and direction of motion. Next, a special algorithm builds the trajectory, searches on the map similar premises and determines the location of the person. The main requirement for the program is the availability of maps.

If your device has no maps, the application will not work. However, except schemes of buildings, other sources of signals for navigation are not required. Today, mapping experts of Google, point out that this new technology will have a rapid rise in popularity.

For the first time this technology has been demonstrated in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013. But firstly it was tested in South Korea at the station of Seoul National University and in France - in the Gare de Lyon in Paris. In both cases the user task was to cross the station on a certain route, relying solely on the built-in sensors of smartphone Samsung Galaxy.

Commercial introduction of innovative technology is planned by the end of 2013.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 05-09-2013