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What maps are used by owners of devices based on iOS 6?

 English analytical and news site Arstechnica that covers developments in information technology, conducted online poll among its readers. Users of devices based on iOS 6 had to answer the question: what kind of maps they use? The following answers were offered: Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps, MapQuest, Waze.

The poll showed that the majority of readers use Google Maps (52%), second place occupies Apple Maps (31%) and third- Waze (6%). Around 8 thousand people participated in the poll.

The survey showed that the most popular among users of the maps, not including Google and Apple, is Waze. According to experts, this is due to the high accuracy of the data of this mapping service, and the ability to make changes on the map.

Some respondents mentioned the maps that have not been offered among the answer choices. Most frequent of this were maps of MotionX GPS Drive and Navigon.

Experts point out that the region of the residence affected the choice. Thus, the Chinese do not trust Google and Apple. Baidu Map is popular among Chinese residents.

Koreans, for example, prefer Naver and Daum maps, where all the names are in Korean.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 06-01-2013