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Hexagon purchases MicroSurvey Software, a software developer for geodesy and cartography

A Canadian company MicroSurvey Software engaged into developing software for geodesy and cartography will from now on belong to the Hexagon Company.

At the present moment more than 30 persons are employed at MicroSurvey, a company that has shown significant growth during the recent years. Now its name is widely known at the branch market, and its software solutions are actively used all over the world.

So why would Hexagon need such a purchase? According to the president of the company Ola Rolen, it will contribute to extending the list of services offered. The plans for developing software for such markets as construction, land surveying, social security have been developed. It goes without saying that the customers will appreciate the innovative solutions created on the basis of MicroSurvey software products and Hexagon technologies which have proved to be very successful on the market.

It has also become known that the GPS-GLONASS-Galileo-Compass receivers produced by Hexagon will soon support Locata signal, and this will open new opportunities for positioning for the users.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 06-02-2012