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Updated Google Earth now in 3D-graphics

Google has announced the launch of a new version of Google Earth, which allows viewing maps in 3D-format. Owners of the devices based on Android and iOs will be able to download maps and use them without Internet.

Mapping service lets you view major cities in the mode of 3D-panoramas. Maps will show 3D-format (45 °) of streets, not just separate buildings, as it was before. A user can see the three-dimensional maps and even navigate in the virtual space, looking at the urban landscapes.

The maps of the U.S. cities will appear first of all. According to the developers by the end of 2012 Google Earth will cover major cities and will embrace a territory with a population of more than 300 million people. In the future, almost any spot on the Earth will be available for viewing.

The project was implemented by the use of new technology of 3D-visualization, the development of which took several years. Three-dimensional image is a combination of aerial photography, ground-level photographs and satellite images. As a result we get not only an ordinary map, but a 3D picture, the same as you would see flying over the city on helicopter. Unlike the existing 3D-models, the new format has higher specification: streets, walls and roofs of houses are much clearly seen on the map.

Function called TourGuide was added, which provides information on nearby attractions. Moreover, the company intends to empower StreetView. If before the camera and equipment were placed on the roof of the car, it will now be in a special satchel, which enables to photo the hiking trails.

Experts considered the innovations of Google, as an attempt to keep the leading position on the market of map services. We know that Apple is going to stop using Google services and start the development of their own product.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 08-06-2012