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Yandex is going to launch online maps of international format

 Recently international version of the mapping application Yandex. Maps has been updated. The service features maps of European countries and the U.S..

Users can study the maps and use the routing. One can make directions only on maps of the United States of America, maps of Europe don’t have such a possibility. Also Yandex.Maps of international format does not provide information about the situation on the road and on congestions for any of the countries displayed on the updated maps.

Experts point out some more bugs. For example, a search feature address on the map U.S. often gives incorrect results. Plus, presented satellite photos are not always of high quality.

The representatives of Yandex say that emerged in the network maps are not intended for general audiences. According to the developers, is a technology platform, which in future will be the basis for the international service of Yandex. Currently, specialists check how the experimental platform works with large amounts of information.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 08-11-2012