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Altai Republic makes a map of sacred places

 Gorny Altai plans to create a map of sacred places. Back in June 2012the authorities of the republic passed a resolution, according to which some places of the country revered by local population belong to sacred places. This may be the sanctuary, a place of historical events and religious prayers, passes, crossing roads, mountains, lakes, rivers, etc. In addition, sacred places will include clusters of archaeological monuments - stone statues mounds. Full list of places the government plans to approve in the fall of 2013.

The authorities intend to restrict certain activities near the sacred sites, which are components of the traditions and rituals of the Altai. However, today there is no map of the Republic of Altai that contains all these places. In this regard, a special group was formed that will map sacred sites in accordance with the federal programs and strategies for socio-economic development of the region.

Now the Altai Ministry of Culture develops a procedure according to which the site will be considered sacred. Then, this procedure will be transferred to areas where at the gathering people will approve the lists of the sacred sites of the region. Later, these lists would be approved by the Government.

 The authorities intend to create the map of the sacred sites during 2013. 

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