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Interactive map of air currents

A new project called “Earth” was recently launched by, which presents an electronic wind map of the world. The resource is designed by a software engineer Cameron Unicorn .

Wind map is customizable. The user has the ability to rotate the map, making it possible to see the air flow in different projections, as well as at different elevations. Using the mouse wheel, you can zoom in and out the map and watch the movement of air currents in a particular region.

If you select a specific point on the map, service shows the coordinates of this point, its wind direction in degrees, as well as the speed. If the wind speed reaches a critical value, the image of air masses becomes red. Thus, we can track where the storm is anticipated or is already raging.

Service differs by qualitative computer visualization of weather conditions with data updated every 3 hours. Information comes from several organizations, including the National Weather Prediction Center and the Center for Atmospheric Research.

Perhaps soon the global map of air currents will display weather conditions in real time. However, at this stage data transfer is not fast enough because information comes from various sources, and it takes time for processing.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 09-02-2014