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Google opened free access to Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro, an application to work with three-dimensional model of the Earth, created on the basis of satellite images of high resolution, is now completely free.

Google Earth is a Planet Earth on your computer. Thanks to this program you have an opportunity to consider any area in detail on the map.

To take full advantage of the Google map service, you need to download Google Earth software module and install it on your computer. When you start the program displays the control panel, which can be used "to travel" over the planet, approaching the surface or getting away from it. When navigating Google loads components of satellite images of the places over which "is" the user.

The functional of Google Earth Pro includes access to the GPS-information, faster download of geographic data, the ability to print images larger than the screen resolution, integrated user support via email. In addition, Google Earth Pro has the tools to calculate routes, areas and volumes.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 09-03-2015