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Google Maps displays more information about Traffic

Google has enhanced the service of Google Maps. Using updated maps one can quickly learn about jams and current traffic situation.

For the experienced user of Google Maps it’s a known fact that these maps allow us to estimate the traffic on a particular section of the road and with account of the data received suggest the best route and calculate the travel time. Maps of road traffic were launched back in 2008 and immediately attracted the interest of the Internet audience. So, going on a trip, you need to download maps on the computer and see if there are traffic jams on the road. If necessary, the application immediately will make an alternative route. If you are already in traffic jam, just open the map with a GPS-navigator and find out how long is the congestion.

The developer says that Google maps now offers real-time information on road traffic in 130 cities of the United States, including Portland (Maine), Kalamazoo (Michigan), Tuscaloosa (Alabama), San Jose, Bogota, Panama. Additionally, Google Maps informs about traffic jams in the capital of Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama. Besides, were updated the maps of China, Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Sweden.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 10-08-2012