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GPS for the first aid

The first minutes of an emergency are the most important, but sometimes lifeguards and ambulance are unable to get quickly to the emergency site. However, if a person lives in a big city, it is always a chance that within a radius of 150 meters there is someone who can help him or even save lives in an emergency.

It is on this principle, new mobile GPS-app GoodSAM (or Good Smartphone Activated Medics) is based. At the moment the application is available to users of the devices based both on iOS and Android. In fact, we have two versions of the application: one for those who can respond to the call, the other - for all the rest.

GoodSAM Alerter is intended for the general public and allows the user to call for help in an emergency. In this case, the user can specify all important medical information to emergency services. The application not only sends a notification to the first responders, but also using GPS locates the nearest person who can help. He also receives a notification and, if necessary, can in the shortest time to get to the scene and help the injured.

To use the application, you must register and provide proof that the helper has the certification and qualification for assistance. To do this, you need to download a copy of the most current medical certificate or other document evidencing the existing experience (for doctors and nurses).

At the moment the application is widely used only in London, where it has appeared, but the developers hope that soon it will receive broad support across the world.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 10-09-2014