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Earth View - a new service from Google

Google announced the launch of the new feature – Earth View that combines advantages of both Google Maps and Google Earth. Previously, it was two completely different services. In particular, the program Google Earth lets you see how our planet looks from the satellite. And having uploaded Google Maps in the browser, you can see the maps. Using Earth View a user can combine viewing. Now the landscape and the city are represented in the form of volumetric images, i.e. models of famous buildings and various sights are represented in detail. Each person can see a detailed three-dimensional model of the Earth and the terrain.

The main difference of Earth View service from the previously existing is that the developers have created a completely new product. For example, Google Earth does not show objects in the format 3D, whereas Earth View can do that. With all this, a user can switch to the map and vice versa.

Currently more than three dozen of well-known places of the earth are available. Thus, we can take a virtual tour of the Sydney Opera House, look at the Taj Mahal and see the wreck of the legendary Titanic. Unfortunately, a great many of cities are still represented in the three-dimensional format. Most of these cities are of Europe and of the United States. Google members say that in the future they will work to address these gaps.

To activate a new function one need to install Google Earth plugin from the EarthView page for your browser. Please note that this service supports the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (version 7 and above), Flock on computers running the operating system Windows. If your computer is running Mac OS X 10.4 and above, you can connect Earth View via the browser Firefox 3.0 or Safari.

After the operation is completed three-dimensional image of the planet will appear. You can zoom in and remove the area of interest, "hover" over it, and move horizontally above the surface. It is noteworthy that such an important function as "head turning" which allows you to look around is also available. Thus, the object of interest can be viewed in any scale and at any angle.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 10-10-2010