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Google Maps now available for iOS 6

After three months of waiting iPhone owners now are able to test Google maps, made for iOS 6.

Developers presented as well an updated interface. When you first open the service you need to enter login information to your account, and then appears the map with your location.

Among other feasters we can single out the support for multitouch gestures, which allows you to scale maps and make other actions. It is assumed that in new versions the number of supported gestures will increase. Maps show information about traffic and public transport . There are also satellite maps available. Depending on traffic congestion, the route is painted in different colors: red color means that there is a congestion on the road, green - travel free. Three-dimensional mode is available as well.

Among new developments we should note the mode of viewing panoramas, allowing you to quickly navigate in unfamiliar surroundings. Street View feature will show what it looks like you are searching for parking and building. The accuracy of maps has improved visibly, especially in large cities.

Google Maps has as well voice prompts and the base of points of interest (POI). The most often visited places, addresses, and the usual route can be saved.

If we talk about the shortcomings, we must mention that there is no support for data caching. The memory saves only a small piece of map. Probably in future versions these problems will be fixed.

To sum up one can say for sure that iPhone users have a decent alternative to Apple maps. 

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 12-01-2013