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The border between Russia and China will be verified

Last year a project of verifying the state border between Russia and China was initiated. Within the framework of this project, a joint group consisting of specialists representing both countries has already started its work, and it will last up to February 24th.

This is not the first meeting on this issue. At the end of last year a conference with participation of both sides’ topographers was held in China’s capital, Beijing. As a result, several documents were compiled and were approved by both delegations. They included the schedule for topographers’ group work, as well as the basic rules for topographic works coordination. It is still to be decided which certain methods of state border verification will be applied, and to consider the offers concerning air surveying and geodesic communication.

According to the statement made by the head of the Russian topographic group Mikhail Svidersky at the meeting, both Russians and Chinese will be involved into working out a detailed guide for carrying out field and office work, approving topographic signs, developing topographic maps, etc.

It is to be reminded that the Russian-Chinese border got its modern shape in 2005. Its total length at present is about 4200km, which makes it the second one among Russia’s borders with other countries.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 13-02-2012