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By 2018, in New York City taxi companies will replace all cars: new cars will be equipped with GPS-navigators

Yellow cars with black checkered have long been a symbol of New York. However, by 2018, all taxis will be replaced. City officials arranged the contest for the best model of a taxi. The winner was a Japanese Nissan NV200, who managed to top Turkish Karsan and Ford cars.

Cars will still remain recognizable, and will be painted in the traditional yellow color. But unlike their predecessors, the new taxis will be technically improved. In particular, the cabin becomes roomy and there are special light fixtures and lamps for reading. Passenger doors are sliding and the roof is made of glass, so you can watch the beauty of the American metropolis. Upholstery is made of antimicrobial material which does not absorb odors.

In order to improve the quality of service all taxis will be equipped with navigators so that the driver was able to quickly navigate in unfamiliar areas of New York. Cars are equipped with climate control, a system of negotiating with the driver and other devices. For example, the cabin will have a USB-port for recharging the iPhone. Lighting is provided on the floor in case a passenger drops something. According to experts, all these innovations together will make the trip more enjoyable and comfortable. The cost of each Nissan NV200 car is 30 thousand dollars.

The representative of the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission, which issues licenses for taxi transportation in New York, said that the townspeople are pragmatic, but appreciate quality. Undoubtedly, the 2018 level of service and traffic will be much higher than at this time.

According to statistics, around 600,000 people use taxi every day in New York. It is noteworthy that in addition to a yellow taxi that has a unique right to pick up passengers on the street, in New York there are also taxi companies that work only on a call.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 13-04-2012